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Concept Medical Technologies, Inc. was formed with one focus, helping people. CMT believes that true success will be achieved by helping people help themselves. You can see from our mission statement that this focus or mission is becoming more and more important as our population ages.

The older bracket of the population is now the largest segment of the population and is growing every year. As the older bracket grows in numbers it leaves fewer people to take care of the majority. Once personal independence is lost, the cost of care increases exponentially in both money and personal involvement.  Helping people stay independent will dramatically help ease the burden of assistive care.

Our Mission

Concept Medical Technologies, Inc. mission is to improve the quality of life of the people that utilize our products and services. Through innovative and technologically advanced medical devices and superior support services including a mail order pharmacy, people can maintain, if not improve, their quality as well as quantity of life.  This mission is becoming more and more important as the majority of the population gets older and their dependencies grow. CMT believes that helping people take care of themselves is critical for their long term care and well being. CMT is in the people business.


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